Rock'n Shaolin: Legend of the Seven Paladins (Chut Hup Ng Yee) / Euijeok: Im Kkeokjeong / Qi Xia Wu Yi 3D Accend Inc, TWIM / SKC Soft Land 1994

Wonder why you haven't heard of this game using the famous Build engine (used for Duke Nukem and Blood)? Because the Taiwanese developers used the engine without paying for the license and as a result the game never came to North America and they weren't sued. It takes place in ancient China and has some nice ancient and mythic weapons as you protect the rulers from an overthrow plot. There are some tricky traps you must also avoid or disarm. Accend even licensed it out further to the Koreans, which adjusted some graphics and the story to squeeze the game into a Korean historical setting.
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Level Demo 4MB ( @ JonoF's Games Site)
Full Demo 6.52MB (uploaded by
Full Demo (uploaded by bullthorn)
Floppy Disk Images ~8MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Shareware Level Demo included in Bloody Games (1998) ISO Demo 313MB (uploaded by olli)

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