Revolte Virtuality 1996

In the far distant future, mankind's sphere of activity has extended to far-flung galaxies. In one such galaxy, a cool solar system comprising six planets has undergone the first attack in man's history from an intelligent lifeform. Can you survive? This game was made for the NEC PowerVR Graphics Cards ONLY! Supported Chips are the PCX 1 and PCX 2, maybe the Neon 250 as well, this game won't work with any other Graphics Card out there. And that includes the PowerVR Kyro Cards as well! This game was made for the PowerVR SGL API. Since the NEC PowerVR cards are supported only on the Win9x Platform, this game is naturally intended to run those Systems as well. ReVolte is a 3D Shoot Em Up. You can control the speed and direction of your flight, in addition you can strafe, however you can't change the height you are flying at. To be able to hit enemies that are above yourself you can Pitch the nose of your ship up and down by tapping the acceleration / deceleration keys. You have standard shot and a limited amount of target seeking missiles. For it's time the game looks fairly impressive, especially the real-time shadows are top notch without any blocky-looking shadows what so ever. Even though it is a really great game to play once you get used to the control scheme, it always feels a bit like a Tech Demo for the PowerVR Cards. Installer is in Japanese, the game itself is entirely in English. You don't need the disc inserted while playing and you can use any music CD for the Soundtrack.
ISO Demo 355MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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Japanese PowerVR ISO Demo (provided by Rodwod & upped by Scaryfun) 336MB

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