Zula MadByte Games / Playspot, IDC/Games 2016

Developed by a Turkish studio, Zula conveys a feeling to be in a Turkish setting, as half of the 16 characters have Turkish background and many maps are related to Turkish locations. Inspired by a hugely popular TV series in the Middle East and North Africa, Zula attracted million of players, not only in Turkey. In Zula players choose to fight either for the Gladyo, a notorious streetgang, or the Zula, a governmental organization of military units and agents. The FPS offers fast-paced PvP matches in classic Deathmatch or mission-based game modes, nice polished graphics and an in-depth weapon customization system. Zula will run smoothly on low-specs PCs and boasts to be a skill-based FPS with a "no pay-to-win"-label as promoted by its creators. Other than this, Zula is straight forward, uncomplicated and fun.
Europe Free Client (uploaded by Official Site)

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