Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Warthog / Vivendi 2003

After the colonisation of the universe there arose also a crime element increasing by leaps and bounds in it. The titled hero Mace Griffin belongs to the rangers which clean up the universe. Unfortunately you get into an ambush and the police troops are extinguished except for Mace. Mace Griffin is deemed responsible and put in prison as there is no one alive who can defend his actions. 10 years later there are no longer ranger troops and to earn money (and to exact his revenge) the player becomes a bounty hunter. He follows his job mostly in spaceship hulls though there are mining colonies and space temples also. 10 weapons are available to Mace on foot, and 7 in the different spaceships. It has a rather dull play with some partially sluggish controls. The opponent's AI ranges between crazy to reasonable. The graphics are not state-of-the-art but acceptable and sound is ok. There is no category in which the game exceeds any of the more popular PC titles (it was released on consoles one year prior to the PC) and is probably only suitable for such players who have already played those better games and are in need of something new.
Level Demo 121MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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4CD ISO Demo + Uncut Patch 2.18GB+1.4MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
2005 re-release (Sold Out Software) - DVD ISO Demo no-drm & runs on Win10 2.10GB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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