Nemesis 2: Return of Dragon Force KomodoWare Entertainment 1996

The second part of scrolling shooter Nemesis series. It differs from the first part only by improved detail and fewer enemies and weapons necessary for its application buttons. Again you are immersed in the heart of the Gamma sector, and must infiltrate the defenses of Nemesis and destroy its fleet of cyborgs and traps to prove once again that the Delta Squad ally is still able to protect outer space. Note this new episode of " Nemesis " is more like a remake of the first game without its flaws. In fact, the game is prettier, more playable. The principle remains the same, and you will again go through this vertical shoot'em up by destroying everything that comes at you, of course avoiding traps such as indestructible mines for example. Go through levels, asteroids, and boss cyborg (like the first game), and survive in different difficulty modes offered. A note at the end of level (be quick!). The levels of backup code that allows you to start further if you are stopped in progress. It seems more fun than its predecessor, more fun to play. Same music and sound effects, gameplay levels... and weapons development. Bonus to regenerate your shields, deflectors for temporary invincibility, etc. A scalable difficulty, the more you advance, the more it is intense.
Full Demo 3MB (uploaded by

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