Neon Space ULTRA dobro_slon / Atriagames 2016

This old-school fixed screen shooter takes place in the vast outer space, which became a field of fierce battles. Your goal is to free the galaxy from the cruel dictatorship of terrifying invaders, Slans. Our brave soldier is the best pilot in the galaxy (Luke Skywalker nervously smokes on the sidelines). He is decisive, ruthless and willing to do anything to make his home free from bloody Slans. The game has 4 acts, 18 levels (+ 2 bonus levels), 12 types of enemies, 2 bonus mobs, 6 bosses, 1 mega boss and 1 ultra boss! During the game you can find a variety of bonuses (increased attack speed, mega-lasers, etc.). The game is full of various easter eggs and random events, such as the rush of monsters
Level Demo v0.0.2 10MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
Full Demo v1.0.2 138MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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