Assault Suit Leynos Dracue Software / Rising Star Games 2016

Remake of an action 2D shooter that was released in 1990 on Sega Genesis (named Target Earth in U.S.A. This offers an unhappy vision of distant future in which humanity was forced to start colonies in space to look for valuable resources. However, the exploration of space led to a confrontation with hostile Aliens. A mech called Assault Suit is the last hope of humanity. In the game the player assumes the role of a pilot of the machine and faces the invaders. The singleplayer campaign of the game consists of many levels during which one fights incoming enemy units. In order to defeat them, the player uses various weapons: machine guns, rocket launchers, laser weapons. Gameplay mechanics are based on the original game – it is a classic 2D shooter. The gameplay retains its old school feel but offers HD quality.
ISO Demo 2.38GB (uploaded by Supernova)

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