Pie Jackers Big Fun 1996

You're working the late shift and the call comes in for another double cheese, pepperoni, black olives and onion. Grab the stick and hold on tight. The race is on! And the competition is fierce. You race, you chase, you blob other pilots with cheese. You shalom around obstacles while shredding the mighty highway. Watch it! Those Biker Pigs will splatter you with slop! Whatever it takes, whatever you've got, deliver it hot and the competition is not!! Take along Nikki, Flaco, Dozer or Quiverlly to ride shot-gun. These co-pilots will show you the ropes, but don't depend on them to show you the way. You'll want to win a franchise in each of seven territories. Rack up some earnings, buy some special equipment... and run the other guy out of town.
Level Demo 7.76MB (uploaded by Big Fun)
Iso Demo 278MB (uploaded by roioros)

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