Defender of Freedom Mirinae Software / DS Interactive 1992

Mirinae entered the IBM PC games market with this vertically scrolling Shoot 'em up. After the success of Geu Nal-i Omyeon II (The Day 2 on MSX2), the game was hyped a lot before release, first under the working title Unmyeong-ui Gyeoljeon (which should be picked up again for another game later). However Mirinae hadn't mastered the new platform yet, and the game had some technical issues, like occasional flickering and absolutely no control over the running speed, which makes the game impossible to run at a stable frame rate on any machine. It will either be too fast in normal situations, or choppy in more busy areas. The actual game stages are connected with a simplistic simulation element, where money earned in the stages can be invested in new technologies and space ships. The huge selection of weapon system forces the player to make tough choices especially early on in the game. Does one approach the next planet with a spare ship more, or equipped with a superior weapon? The fact that purchased upgrades are only available after the following stage make the choices even more strategic. Stages are rather short, but they repeat themselves indefinitely until the entrance to the next section is found. Thus, they can be grinded for more money, but only the toughest veterans will survive long enough for that. The game is extremely hard, not only is the screen full of enemies most of the time, big portions of the screen serve as dangerous obstacles most of the time, and not always is it easily recognizable where the safe path lies. In the end, it wasn't the expected hit from Mirinae, but solid enough to secure a mild success.
Korean Full Demo / Full Demo + DOSBox 1.4MB/6.2MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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