L.A. Blaster CDV Software GmbH / Cryo Interactive Entertainment 1996

Los Angeles is overrun with evil Nolan's mutant army! Now the player chooses one of six cars which distinguish from each other in strength and handling. Then he drives on Los Angeles' streets and shoots the mutants which attack from all directions. Every car has a machine gun with unlimited ammo. Against bigger enemies like trucks or car piles missiles are more effective but these are limited. There are six levels to beat. Before every level, the player can stock up his ammo with credits he earned by shooting mutants. When crashing against other road users the life bar gets reduced. There are two difficulty levels. The speed is controlled by the game so the player only has to drive left or right and controls the gun.
ISO Demo 457MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Full Demo with DOSBox 511MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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