Harrier Combat Simulator Mirrorsoft Ltd. / Mindscape, Inc. 1987

Release Date: 1987 A newer version of High Roller, you take control of a Harrier jet in this early flight sim. Includes many realistic options such as V/STOLs, VIFF, heat-seeking missiles, friend-or-foe radar, and Mach 1+ speeds. Pilot a Harrier over Grenada in '84, avoiding SAMs, enemy planes, and battalions of tanks. The game simply boasts better graphics but leaves all the problems intact from the previous game. The graphical environment is very restrictive (the "edge of the world" is incredibly close-just try to fly straight for 4-5 minutes or so), and the control mechanics are very clumsy, requiring you to memorize a lot of keystrokes. Aerodynamics laws are all but absent-and the relatively old age isn't even a good excuse given how reasonably realistic early sims like Falcon and F-15 Strike Eagle are.
Full Demo 271kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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