Pack Regalo Gun Stick Dinamic Software 1989

Release Date: 1989 Thie game collection was released exclusively in Spain and consists of three virtual galleries intended for the, little-known outside the country, input device - Gunstick light gun (which worked with Amstrad CPC, MSX, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and IBM PC). On a single diskette you have 3 games: Solo, Mike Gunner and Target Plus. Solo You're Carlitos, the usual school boy who still has to hear the recommendations of his mother. Everything was going fine until someday you left your home and found a deserted street, but almost instantly you heard the sound of a grenade exploding, and some bad guys with a shotgun. You think of it as a nightmare, but then a bullet almost hits you. Just then you find a pistol in your bag, if these dudes are real, why shouldn't it be real too? There is an option to play as 2 players cooperative mode. Mike Gunner You are Mike Gunner, the most effective detective in the country, who has been hired to end with all the criminals of Robbland city, perhaps the most dangerous city on Earth. You must have very warm nerves, very cold head and especially the most prepared to pull the trigger. It's a shooting-gallery Operation Wolf-style game. Thorough the game you will find people who shouldn't shot at: for example kids or policemen, all of them easily identifiable. But be careful, others will appear disguised as peaceful musicians, and in the least expected moment they will show they are not so friendly. Target Plus This game consists of two parts which can be played independently, all being related to aim shooting. The second part does include a 1 or 2 players mode. In the first part you will have to shoot at plates flying in the air, accounting for a total of 12, if you hit at least 6 then you will pass to the next round of this first part. You have 3 shots for every two plates, so you have to be effective on a regular basis. Once you have passed this round, you will have to aim at a total of 7 targets, your goal is to hit at least 3 of them, here you only have one shot available for each objective. If you are lucky enough, the stage will be restarted with increased difficulty. In the second part of the game your objective will be to protect a juicy cooked chicken to be mercilessly attacked by spiders or voracious wasps that emerge from everywhere. Your mission would be to shot at them before they can absorb its substance till just leaving the bones. But it will not be easy, as time goes on insects will be more numerous, so if you find it pertinent, you can request the help from a second player. Do not let them spoil your dish...
Floppy Image ISO Demo + DOSBox 1.09MB (uploaded by

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