Mob Ties Tokyo Electronic Visual Elements 2009

Things have changed for the old school mafia, cartel and syndicate organizations. Those with money are trying to make more. Going legit is the best way. But with ties to street gangs & druglords trying to keep the organizations in the past, change is not easy. Severing those ties takes the skill of a professional. The bosses, now businessmen, call in the best.
...Takuma Ishikawa, a wealthy Japanese businessman has broken his ties with the Tokyo underground and is now being extorted and threatened by a triad of street gangs. Each with their own intentions, the gangs have moved into Ishakawa’s nightclub business, using the clubs as a stage to expand their illegal activities and drug trade. Ishakawa has called on you to deal with the gangs and help his transition to legitimacy succeed.
...Born with connections to the world’s most powerful mob lords, you’ve learned from the best of the old and the new. Though the technologies have changed, the outcome remains the same, blood and profit. Hitman or vigilante, your loyalties lie with the highest bidder. “Anywhere at any time” is your motto and this time, it's Tokyo.
Level Demo ~83MB ( @ Worthplaying)
ISO Demo 800MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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