Mortyr: 2093 - 1944 Mirage / Interplay 1999

A Polish programming team developed Mortyr. In Germany the game was heavily censored of all images related to the Third Reich. In this alternate reality, Hitler has won the war but in the future it doesn't just influence the society but the weather also (reminds one of the film "The Philadelphia Experiment" - and even the conclusion is the same: that time was manipulated). As the son of a scientist the player gets sent back in time to the year 1944 to correct the after effect. The graphics leave a conflicting impression. Everything animated looks more like a shareware but the traces in snow and multiple light effects leave a positive impression. The game's simple. There are just a few puzzles. Many details look like they were not fully developed. When shooting, the bullet always hits somewhere around the crosshair. Found keys, maps and files (containing information) are much too large and destroy the the forced dark atmosphere. Files with "Top Secret" on them are lying free on the tables. The second half of the game leads into the future which is similar to Robocop. The animations and figures look much better here. All in all a usable game without any brilliant moment but even with only a little frustration. The one who can overlook some weaknesses will be acceptably entertained.
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Level Demo 28MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo + Uncensor Patch (provided by 3dslUserLoad) 136MB+13MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
2004 Release ISO Demo ~394MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Clone ISO Demo 404MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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