R.I.P. White Elephant Games 2005

Death, Halloween, and Rock-n-Roll must protect the Other World from the armies attacking it in this turret shooter game. Inside the stationary turret as one of the aforementioned characters you must use a bevy of weapons to mow down advancing enemy soldiers and dogs. You do have other tools at your disposal. Skeletal peasants carry not only other weapons but also shields, health, explosives, and other fun tricks. Similarly like other shooters you can only use the weapon you've last picked up and can't scroll for previous ones which creates a different play dynamic. You can also ricochet bullets off rocks, and shoot the explosive barrels laid throughout the forty levels that you'll battle through. There are also skill levels you can build up for each character which will enable different bonuses for them such as the chance ability to freeze enemies you shoot at. Your enemies are usually not heavily armed but they do come at you in swarms. There is also a less violent toned-down kids version included as well as a tutorial level.
UK Clone ISO Demo 21MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in R.I.P. 1-3 - Full Demos 63MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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