Jumpstar Dexterity Software 1993

Pilot your ship through hostile alien worlds in this fast-action game featuring 256-color graphics, digitized sound effects, and MIDI music. Intergalactic war has all but decimated earth's forces. Piloting earth's last remaining ship, you must travel through the JumpStar, a newly discovered method of traversing astronomical distances in seconds. Seal the other side to prevent the invaders from returning to attack the earth again. Tighten your harness and prepare for battle. It's a 256-color Space Shooter Great Arcade Action game. Battle hostile creatures on alien worlds where only courage and quick reflexes can save you from certain doom. Travel through the JumpStar and save the earth. Awesome 256-COLOR graphics, sizzling sound FX, and MIDI music. Prepare for Battle! 2 Full Action-Packed Stages.
Shareware Level Demo 1MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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