My Worst Day WW2 Rune Trollebo 2005

This is a shareware game using the 3DState game engine. It is February 1944, German troops still occupy most of Europe. As a saboteur you are sent into Norway and put on the middle of a large island, your main target is to destroy two big German cannons, which are a part of the German coastal defence in occupied Norway. You are not sent out on 10 or 15 standard linear, scripted missions. No, it is more like a real military mission: You are sent into the enemy territory without knowing too much about where the enemies are, and what they are up to. The intelligence is sparse, close to none. And you will see that you have to find out what is the biggest threat, and start your "mission" from there. You have to kill many enemies on the island to be sure of success, and to be able to leave the island. If you play for increasing your score, you can try to hunt down most of the soldiers on the island. This game can be played in standard game mode, save and get killed, then reload. In the very addictive and fun arcade mode, you start out with 3 lives, and can gain more life by collecting medicine, in the form of brandy bottles. There is also a Hi-Score table.
30-minute Trial Demo v1.99e ~34MB (@ Official Site)
Full Demo v1.8 34MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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