Super Huey II Cosmi Corporation 1988

Release Date: 1988 This is a 2D helicopter simulation with different missions, including: Combat missions, POW rescue missions, Gulf of terror, Arctic rescue missions, Oil blaze, Bermuda triangle. The game does not focus on realism, but offers arcade gameplay. The sequel to COSMI's helicopter sim Super Huey is based on exactly the same engine, although it offers more varied and interesting missions. Instead of pure-vanilla explore, rescue and combat missions in the first game. Still, despite intriguing names, they are basically variation of the age-old escort-rescue-combat missions found in numerous other sims. The lack of career mode or even simple scoring makes it a very short beer-and-pretzel sim that beginners might enjoy, but that experts will ignore. Somehow COSMI decided to remove the excellent flight instructions mission from the game, so those who are new to the series should first play Super Huey before tackling this one. But then again, there are dozens of better sims on the market.
Full Demo 22kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 23kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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