Nerf Arena Blast Visionary Media / Hasbro Interactive 1999

This non-bloody shooter is for a younger target group (or those adults who still believe that in a foreign galaxy, every time a screen opponent is killed a poor creature loses its life), without any real power and sombre graphics. Nobody dies - after one has pocketed a certain number of hits, one must begin at a new place. Whether you like the graphics is really a matter of taste, but it does not use the Unreal engine to its full potential. The opponent's intelligence is useful. In so-called Nerf tournaments one strives for victory. The procedures differ only slightly from customary shooters. The "Pointblast" is actually, a pure deathmatch mode. One can find in "Ballblast" mode, in addition to meeting opponents, stationary balls which one shoot into special gates and receive for them even more points. In "Speedblast" one scours check-points and hinders the opponents in their efforts to attain your team's area.
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Level Demo ~22MB ( @ JeuxVideo)
Full Demo ~97MB (upped by keropi)
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ISO Demo 444MB (upped by Egon68)
Fan-Made Maps
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