Super Galaxy Squadron NickClinkscales 2015

This is a fast-paced vertical shooter designed for human beings as well as shmup veterans. Featuring a challenging but merciful difficulty curve, a forgiving health system, and the revolutionary ability to continue where you left off if you don't beat it in one sitting, SGS takes the tried-and-true shmup formula of "shoot everything and don't die" and infuses it with the genes of a modern indie action game. But most importantly, all proceeds from SGS will go to Child's Play Charity. Choose between 14 unstoppable badasses with unique weapons and attributes. Upgrade your ship in various ways to to become even less stoppable. Fight through 6 stages of traditional shmup action with 7 bosses and/or one infinite stage with increasing intensity. Also featuring an epic, high-energy rock/chip/accordion? soundtrack by video game rock band Random Encounter.

See also: #Super Galaxy Squadron EX

Alpha Level Demo v0.5.1 7.34MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo 25MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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