No Respect Appeal / Ocean Software 1997

No Respect is a fun 3D action game where you play a mercenary who flies a futuristic hovercraft-style vehicle in a fight against other mercenaries. Your goal is to conquer 20 arenas in the game by simply killing all your other enemies. The 3D engine in No Respect is a very early version of the much more polished one that Appeal later used in Outcast. It produces very smooth animations with excellent details. Unfortunately, the gameplay is somewhat limited and bordering on repetitive, and the arenas are not as interesting as the ones in, say, Death Drome or Twisted Metal. That is not to say No Respect is a bad game, though. If you enjoyed Hover or Fury 3, you will probably also like this action game that's disguised as a sport game. Well worth a look especially as a beginning of the path Appeal embarked before creating the classic Outcast.
Full Demo 58MB (uploaded by
2CD ISO Demo 367MB (upped by Egon68)

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