Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 2nd: Tadaima Danmaku Chu! / Nanoha Taiken 2nd Chu Musume / Cosplay Kissa Nyan Nyan 2007

This is a sequel/updated version of the original Nanoha shmup. It's pretty much just a poor man's Imperishable Night... switching characters and what-have-you. The stages are comparably longer than the first game. Did the bad guys decide to team up with the good guys at this point? Vita pretty much kills everything the fastest. The game, has three characters to choose from in pairs, and an extra stage. Only on Nanoha's story side, it doesn't show any boss portraits, like her and Vita were both just making some kind of commentary before the fight starts.
included in Lyrical Nahona Collection - Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Proper Full Demo 40MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Trial Level Demo 23MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)

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