Iron Sight Wiple Games / Aeria Games 2016

This is a free-to-play, military themed FPS, developed by South-Korea-based developer and built upon their inhouse-developed, proprietary game Iron Engine. The shooter is poised to deliver intense, realistic gameplay, dynamic weather conditions, large-scale battlefields, a component-based weapon customization system, a special perk system and more extra features. Iron Sight is set in near-future scenario and adds with modern warfare features some challenging, tactical elements to the gameplay: air strikes, sentry guns, modern weaponry and tactical drones. Drones play an important, tactical role, as there are various types, covering reconaissance to firepower range. With over 100 different types of real-life weapons, Iron Sight offers a weapon system that allows in-depth customization options. Key Features: Modern warfare FPS with tactical elements - in-depth weapon customization system, special skills, tactical gear and more; Extensive Drone system - various types of drones with high impact on gameplay; Dynamic weather conditions and destructibe environments; Large-scale maps.
Free Open Beta (uploaded by Official Site)
Steam Asian Pre-Open Beta Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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