Nutcracker Xdyne 1999

The title of this pitiful game from 1999 isn't too tough a nut to crack. Hehe. In a more or less small window (depending on the resolution) you find yourself in a game which comes (without exaggeration) 5 years too late judging by the outdated engine. The story involves a royal Christmas to honor the young princess which is observed by the queen of the rats and through hatred for her she sets a bad curse on her. As a courageous knight with saber and shotgun (??!!!) you arm yourself to fight the bad curse and the henchmen of the rat queen. The engine offers no possibility to look up or down and in the game thre is in general nothing of interest apart from the fact maybe that a programmer and publisher would have the courage to bring out such a game and in addition ask money for it...
Shareware v1.0 3MB ( @
Full Demo ~3MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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