Outcast Appeal / Infogrames 1999

This is a highly underrated action-adventure game that puts you in an alien world with beautiful and very detailed environments. You are Cutter Slade, the leader of a group of scientists assigned to enter an alternate dimension in order to stop a black hole that threatens the Earth. Something goes wrong and you wake up on an alien planet and being asked for help to liberate the people from an evil dictator as your coming was a prophecy. The game's story is great and you encounter many characters who are all expertly voiced and acted so that you feel as if you are in a movie and people are depending on your good actions. The music is good and enemy A.I. is excellent. In search for five sacred relics, you travel through the five huge continents of Adelpha (plus one tutorial island). Each land has its own landscape (mountains, lakes, forests) as well as dozens of minor problems - small quests that you've got to solve. Apart from exploration and puzzle-solving, you'll fight lots of guards and creatures. Using your six futuristic weapons (railgun etc.) works fine, but sneaking up to your victim and punching him out silently is also possible - and safer. Cutter swims and dives, jumps and crawls, talks to lots of people and discovers many useful objects. In short: He's having a hell of an adventure. Outcast is technically notable in many ways. It combines a voxel landscape (allowing for a smooth, rolling terrain) with polygon objects and persons. More interestingly, it is the first game to apply textures to voxel structures - thus making a house distinguishable from a square rock. The impressive orchestral soundtrack was performed by the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra and Chorus. This game is highly recommended. In 2014, Outcast 1.1 an updated version was released following an unsuccessful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for a complete HD reboot after acquiring the rights in 2013, the original version was updated with various improvements to make it compatible with modern systems. Technical enhancements include a multithreaded voxel renderer for higher performance and software bilinear filtering on polygonal meshes. This version supports higher resolutions and includes new high-resolution sky paintings and a redesigned HUD to match the higher resolutions. It also includes a launcher for settings (such as the voiced language selection and subtitles) and has native support for gamepads.

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Level Demo 140MB ( @ JeuxVideoPC)
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Full Demo ~164MB (by keropi) Read nfo and follow instructions from "Start Here". Added note in last briefcase on getting speech and music files to work with rip. Thx to smoko. Speech Addon ~186MB (by MasteromaN) Hi-Res Addon ~12MB (by keropi) Patch 2.0 ~5MB (created by acmcowling & upped by keropi) Manual ~3MB (scanned by Hellsgate & uploaded by keropi)
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2CD ISO Demo ~1GB (uploaded by TG)SeNaTe)
DVD ISO Demo 3.96GB (uploaded by Egon68)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.13 + Outcast 1.1 GOG ISO Demo v2.3.0.22 1.33GB+1.15GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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