Outlaws LucasArts 1997

This western shooter uses the Dark Forces engine. Marshall James Anderson had been a great gunfighter. He had worn the badge of the law and put men to death or to jail. But now he's retired; he got himself a wife, a daughter, and some land. The Gentleman, Bob Graham, has other plans for James Anderson's plot of land however. It sits right along some prime real estate for where the railroad is going to go, and whomever could own that land might be able to get rich setting up a town. So Bob, he's hired himself up some of the roughest and toughest ruffians west of the Mississippi to try and "persuade" Anderson and the other land-owners to sell or abandon their lands. James Anderson returns home from town one day to find his homestead aflame, his wife killed and his young'in abducted by the badguys. Not willing to trust in the fates, Anderson dusts off his six-shooter, digs up his buried shotgun and dons his old tin star. He's about to follow the trail of these men across deserts and valleys... until he finds his daughter. There are atmospheric cutscenes between levels, reloading your gun is important and the unusual western ambience provides for a fun game. The opponents are silly (as they were also in Dark Forces). For such a big company like LucasArts, it's disappointing that such an outdated engine was used, even if it supported now rather high resolutions. There is a Direct3D patch that lets the game use slightly higher resolution and improved textures, as well as improved overall performance.

See also: #Outlaws: Handful Of Missions , #Red Hot

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Level Demo 14MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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Full Demo 53MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
Proper Rip Full Demo ~28MB & Speech addon ~21MB Movies addon ~155MB (upped by keropi)fix for CLS rip (which most other sites have) (3DSL upload)
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Fan-created Maps
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2CD ISO Demo 847MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Level Demo (Sampler CD) included in The LucasArts Archives Vol. III 6CD ISO Demo 1.20GB (uploaded by hgdagon)
GOG Digital ISO v2.1.0.9 plus Mods, OST, Extras 493MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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