Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles Nikita / 1C 1997

In this Russian-made space shooter & FPS combo, a spaceship called PARKAN (an old native name for boomerang) goes on a rescue mission to search for a lost research vessel. After an accident the ship is stranded in a remote corner of the Universe where on planets burned out by a devastating war still remain several robotic clans who continue fuel mining and construction of weapons production and starships repair factories. The aim of the game is for the pilot of PARKAN to carry out his mission and survive in conditions of complete uncertainty when he is given a carte blanche in his actions. You can use many different survival techniques, starting from peddling and peaceful trading to colonization of planets and open piracy. One of the distinguishing features of the game is its unique genre - a role strategy played from the first person. A vast majority of objects in "PARKAN" are 3D objects and you can enter some of them (planets and starships). Work on the game began in February 1994 and was released in September 1997 and for 6 months running was the top-selling CD-ROM in Russia.
Russian Level Demo 40MB ( @
Full Demo ~69MB (uploaded by keropi)
Included in Parkan Gold Edition (2007) Russian Full Demo Repack ~1.82GB (uploaded by Scaryfun) plus Parkan: Iron Strategy (2001), Parkan: Iron Strategy Part 2 (2002), Parkan II (2005)
Russian ISO Demo ~542MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Fan-Translated English Full Demo 595MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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