Parkan II Nikita / 1C 2005

Similar to Universal Combat, Parkan II is a 3D space simulator combined with first person action planet side. In the game, players will get an opportunity to explore a vast universe, visit different planets, their satellites, huge space stations and immense space destroyers. Be it in the cockpit of the spaceship, inside a tank or just with a laser rifle in hand, gamers will have to fight against multiple enemies in outer space, on planets' surface, inside military bases or even on the debris of some ancient civilizations. Open ended game play provides players the ability to choose their own destiny, to become a merchant or a colonizer, a mercenary or a pirate. As players advance through the game, they'll be able to upgrade spaceships and ground vehicles with new types of weapons and military equipment. Gamers can capture planets or even whole star systems, build up their own empire, command armies of warbots and change the face of the universe. A thrilling and interactive storyline full of rich opportunities, freedom of movement and freedom of choice will make Parkan II an unforgettable experience for all fans of the genre. There are over 500 star systems for gamers to explore and interact with and up to 10 planets in each system complete with satellites and asteroid fields. It features multiple spaceships that can be upgraded and explored, outer space combat and vessel boarding, and you can trade on the surface of planets and in space. There are multiple types of planets, each with varied terrain and weather. Up to 12 types of heavy and light warbots fit any tactical situation. In 2014, an English version was finally released on Steam.
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Included in Parkan Gold Edition (2007) Russian Full Demo Repack ~1.82GB (uploaded by Scaryfun) plus Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles (1997), Parkan: Iron Strategy (2001), Parkan: Iron Strategy Part 2 (2002)
2CD ISO Demo ~964MB (upped by Scaryfun)
DVD ISO Demo 1.0GB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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