Quake 2 Netpack: Extremities Activision Publishing, Inc. / id Software 1998

Quake 2: Netpack Extremities is a compilation of the best Quake 2 multiplayer mods at the time, hand-picked by id Software. It includes Action Quake 2, CAPTURE!, Chaos Deathmatch, Jailbreak, Kick, Powerball, QWar 2, Rail Arena, Red Rover, Rocket Arena 2, the Eraser Bot, plus other multiplayer maps, a couple of plugin player models and various skins. These are all available free on the internet.
Info-Download sites/Screenshots
ISO Demo ~201MB (uploaded by noblessus)
Clone ISO Demo 202MB (@FPS Legends)
skins & maps only are included in Quake 4 Special Edition - Fan-Edited 2DVD ISO Demo 3.04+1.69GB (uploaded by hgdagon)
ISO Demo + Quad Damage GOG v2.0.0.3 ISO Demo 200.8MB+658MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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