Quake 2 TC - Infinity: The Kai'Ren Threat (cancelled) Katana Software 1999
This total conversion was to be a retail product but only ever produced a playable demo before being cancelled. You were the a member of an elite team of space marines known as the Katana Force. After encountering a large horde of alien creatures on a distant planet, most of your team was massacred. Barely managing escape, you and a handful of others made you way back to Katana Force Headquarters on Earth. All but two of your fellow survivors perished on the flight back to Earth. Upon arrival, you were immediately placed in stasis so the necessary repairs could be made to your dying form. Your last vision was of the cryogenic fluids fogging your vision with an indigo haze. This was over one thousand years ago. The fierce and intelligent alien race you had encountered, known as the Kai'Ren, were spawned from the depths of a giant living planet. Until recently, the planet had been feeding off the life force of surrounding planets and their inhabitants. As its solar system became depleted of resources, it became hungry. Recalling its skirmish with the feeble humans, a search was put forth for Earth's galaxy. As the Kai'Ren scouts begin to infiltrate Earth and her surrounding colonies you find yourself revived from your thousand year sleep. You feel different. Your senses are alive. You somehow feel the alien presence on the planet. You look for your fellow survivors. Their stasis chambers are nowhere to be found. Grimly, you exit the stasis chamber, don your equipment and vow to finish the mission you undertook over a millennia ago. Infinity was to feature: 10 new single player levels, 4 new DM levels, 10 brand new weapons, 10 all new power-ups and items, over 15 brand new monsters, ability to play in either first or third person perspective, plus all new sound effects, and a rich, new 10 title soundtrack guaranteed to keep your heart pounding from beginning to end.
Mod Level Demo included in Quake 2: Complete Gamer Add-on ISO Demo (Mirror with cover scan) ~145MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Mod included in Quake 2 Super Pack 2 - Download *requires Quake II 248MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Mod Download *requires Quake II 19MB (uploaded by Yandex Disk)

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