Black Bekker Bekker 2015

In another world – at a time seemed to stand still in the late 80s: The evil dictator ADDI ENGLER forbids everything that is fun and his robotic strike forces have enslaved nearly all music lovers out there in space. Now, it is your turn. As BLACK BEKKER – a black clothed metal maniac – you have to fight your way through Engler's heavily armed fortress and stop its sinister regime once and for all. Use METAL as your weapon and shoot killer rivets or charges of beer against your enemies... or use that damn stinky sweat spray! Make your way through far over 20 stages full of secret passages, crazy items or strange creatures... and beat that damn high-score. But don't forget: you are the only hope for Metal. It's a German game with optional English subtitles. This Retro-Oldschool-FPS-Action-Game is free to download, play and share. After 16 long years in the making it's finally done – it's recommended the freeware tool "DXWnd" from GHOTIK (included in the DOWNLOAD-file) to play it on current computers without any problems.
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Free Game v1.6 333MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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