Destiny 2 Bungie Software / Activision Blizzard 2017

This is a sequel to the best-selling FPS from the creator of the Halo franchise that was only released on consoles in 2014. This time, Bungie is aided in the development process by Vicarious Visions, creators of Skylanders and some other games. It introduces many new changes and improvements, not only concerning the story (this time, the story will play a bigger part than in the first game), but also in the gameplay mechanics. We will visit completely new, enormous locations (i.e. Saturn alone will be bigger than the entire first game), finding new, vibrant metropolises. In the wilderness, we will find both enemies and enemy checkpoints that are just waiting to be taken over by us. Planets known from the first Destiny will also be present in the sequel, but will be added on a later date. Due to the new technology used, it won't be possible to import our characters from the original game. On Oct 1/2019, the game was made free to play.

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Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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