Reservoir Dogs Volatile Games / SCi / Eidos 2006

In 1992 an unknown director named Quentin Tarantino released a film about five total strangers, teaming up to commit the perfect crime. The heist went wrong, people were killed and they smelt a rat. This is the premise for one of the most esteemed and duplicated directorial film debuts of all time. This third person shooter follows the progress and planning of that famed heist, filling in some of the blanks left from the film: What happened to Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown? Where did Mr. Pink hide the diamonds? What actually happened at the heist? Slightly reminiscent of Hitman, players can either take hostages and kill no one and get out of the jewelry store, or waste everyone and run the risk of not even making it out. It features ten shooting levels that will spell out the plot, and six driving levels. Players will be able to go through the film's soundtrack, with K-Billy's Super Sounds of the '70s playing on the game's radio station. One very cool feature that plays on the nature of DVD is that players can go through the game in a nonlinear fashion. That means that if they want to find out how Mr. Blonde got to the warehouse, they can jump ahead of the mission that explains what happened to Mr. Blue.
Full Demo 269MB Foreign Languages Addon 6MB Intro 93MB Music 112MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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DVD ISO Demo 2.62GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
AlcoholClone DVD ISO Demo 2.62GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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