ReVolution FunLabs / Activision Value 2002

This time the low-budget developer FunLabs produced a shooter with SF ambience. In the future a genetic revolution takes place by genetic manipulation. Daily life for all people is to be armed themselves genetically or technically. And sometimes the question is whether people are using technology or is the technology using people. One plays a normal janitor of a big firm. One learns about the "New Breed" program which should "improve" the whole of humanity. However, there is also an underground organization which wants to preserve people in their natural form. They contact the player and want you to fight for them against the manipulation. However, the firm has other designs. You are the first person of the new breed and are disposed of special abilities, however, are you still human? The FunLabs Chameleon engine made in-house offers absolutely considerable graphics as seen in the numerous screenshots. However, the game is a poor copy of Half-Life, your first weapon starting out as a crowbar also. In the first third of the game, you go through actual missions a janitor would do like shooting rats or wandering around various pipes. The cutscenes are laughable and dialogue hard to make sense of. The game must be patched before playing due to a unpassable bug in the shipped game.
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ISO Demo 570MB (upped by Egon68)
Official Patch v1.1 20MB (uploaded by
Repack Full Demo v1.1 (provided by hgdagon & upped by Scaryfun) 529MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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