Rex Blade: The Apocalypse / Domination Xtreme Games / Simon & Schuster 1996

In the 35th century, mankind developed almost god-like technology to create Cyborg slaves - machines so shrewd they were almost human. In time, the Cyborgs waged war against man to control the earth. After emerging victorious, mankind banished the Cyborgs to a distant star system via a transdimensional teleporter. It's now 500 years later, and the Cyborgs are planning a massive offensive against mother Earth. You are Rex Blade, part human, part Cyborg, and mankind's last hope. Your mission is to teleport yourself to the Cyborg world and eradicate all life there, before they can destroy earth. A massive arsenal of powerful futuristic weapons will help you succeed. The graphics and the level design are similar to the ones seen in Rise of the Triad, however more futuristic. One really special thing about this game is REX++. This is a programming language within the game, that let's you develop your own programs and games within Rex Blade itself helping you strengthen your abilities and reflexes. Rex Blade was programmed by Xtreme games and released by Simon&Schuster. It was originally planned to release episodes at different times, but only the first episode was ever released (The Battle Begins). Two more episodes were much later released as Rex Blade: The Apocalypse. Xtreme Games even re-released this game as Domination. The game's pretty bad with worse graphics than Doom.
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Rex Blade Demo 3MB (@ / Domination Shareware Demo 5MB ( @
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Rex Blade:The Battle Begins Full Demo (upped by bullthorn)
Domination Full Demo ~28MB (upped by bullthorn)
Rex Blade:The Battle Begins ISO Demo (3DSL release by 3DShootMaster) ~4MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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