Rise Of The Triad: Dark War (Wolfenstein 3D: Part 2) Apogee 1994

A fanatical cult leader wants to dominate the world! The game relies on brutality and a few innovations. Wounded opponents fall on their knees to plea for their lives and start shooting again if you don't finish them off. Sometimes you can go 'akimbo' (one weapon in each hand) The levels aren't very interesting: lots of jumppads and elevations but not very realistic or recognisable. It added to the FPS genre with its use of photorealistic models and sprites, dark and quirky humor, advanced multiplayer features, and introduced wanton and gratuitous violence in the form of giblets (which would later be popularized by Duke Nukem 3D and Quake, and are debatably a staple of most first-person shooters today). To its benefit, the levels are huge and there are plenty of them. You'll need lots of time to complete this game, but unfortunately after a while you don't find anything new or interesting. It was the first game to include: parental Lock of objectionable content, random game enemies (the same enemy wouldn't always be in the same spot when you replayed the game), non-linear episode progression (ending one specific level wouldn't always take you to the next one), jump pads, bullet holes in walls, ability to jump on top of objects in a game, live remote ridicule, enemies that play dead instead of just dying immediately, rocket jumping, and Capture the Flag. RotT's deathmatch also introduced a variety of inventive new ways of dispatching enemies, including homing missiles, heat seeking missiles, flame wall bombs, fire jets, floor and ceiling spikes, and weapons such as the Excalibat, a cursed Louisville slugger. Other technical innovations included walls that could move inwards and crush players, poison gas that required a gas mask to evade, fireproof jackets to ward off flame-based weaponry, and enemies that could steal a players weapons and also feign death. The CD Version (Super Triad) contains 32 game levels and 40 COMM-BAT Zones including the PowerPack, plus other Apogee shareware games and goodies such as songs, sounds, textures, pics, the RandRott random-level generator, and RTSMaker for making your own remote-ridicule sounds. The version 1.3 CD also had RottED - Wayne Sikes' Level Editor.

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Shareware Demo v1.3 ~4MB ( @ 3D Realms) levels are not in retail game
Source Ports & Graphics Enhancement
 1  2  3  4  5 
Full Demo 8MB ( @ Lost Treasures Fr)
Full Demo ( @ Arcades 3D)
Video Reviews
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Full Demo 7MB ( @ Juego Viejo)
ISO Demo 43MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Java Shareware Demo 6MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
AIO Custom ISO Demo 35MB (made by Delacroix & uploaded by Scaryfun) includes Site License 1.3, The Hunt Begins Deluxe Edition, Dark War, Power Pack, Extreme Rise of the Triad Levels, Site License Comm-Bat Levels, Ohio Comm-Bat Levels, Rejected Level Pack, You & Spray Level , Wolfenstein 3D Level
included in VFX1 Headgear Utilities and Bonus Software CD-ROM ISO Demo 453MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Rise Of The Triad + WinRottGL Full v1.48 + High Resolution Pack v1.6 140MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.5 + Extras 30+143MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Kixx XL release - Clone ISO Demo 72MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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