Robotron X Player1 / GT Interactive 1997

The invasion continues in this white-knuckle update of the arcade classic, ROBOTRON. As was the case in the original, you're a genetically enhanced warrior in the year 2084, trying to wipe out floods of evil Robotrons a variety of manmade automatons who've decided that humanity is ripe for elimination. Only one family of humans remains at this stage and if you can't protect it, the world will be forever controlled by machines. The odds aren't in your favor as hordes of giant robots and other dangerous creations will be attacking from all angles, and they'll get increasingly angrier as the game progresses. You can run and shoot in any direction as you try to clear each screen in order to move on the next level. There's even a two-player Head-to-Head mode that lets you test your mettle against a friend as you both try to wipe out as many enemies as possible. Adding 3D environments, multiple perspectives, new sounds and music, and enhanced artificial intelligence to an already awesome game, ROBOTRON X is a perfect mix of old-fashioned coin-operated action and bold new enhancements.
Playable Demo ~12MB ( @
Full Demo ~7MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Clone ISO Demo ~515MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Shareware Level Demo included in Bloody Games (1998) ISO Demo 313MB (uploaded by olli)

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