Rodger Ramrod Nonaz inc. 1996

Rodger Ramrod is a X-rated FPS adventure with cartoon animation's hidden in the worlds. You are Rodger and must battle your way through the S&M level. While attempting to satisfy the queen. Rodger is laughed at and humiliated by her until he finds the hidden objects that promise to show her Majesty a royally good time. Our hero's weapons are masturbation, urination, and flatulation. Once he proves himself worthy, he finds himself in the FAG level, where he is constantly covering his ass!
The game includes ten climatic levels: (S&M), (FAG), (FAT), (PRINCES), (DYKE), (HOLLYWOOD), (BIKER), (HILLBILLY), (COWBOY), AND (SPACE) levels.
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Shareware Level Demo 8MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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