Shadow Master Hammerhead / Psygnosis 1998

Shadow Master is a first-person action-shooter that has received a lot of attention because it was designed using artwork and concepts developed by fantasy illustrator Rodney Matthews. Matthews is best known for his work on album covers during the 1970s, with Thin Lizzy, Scorpions, and Asia. There's no question that Shadow Master uses a breathtaking graphics engine. Taking full advantage of 3D hardware (the game supports all major chipsets), Shadow Master presents you with an unbelievable array of fancy explosions and creature animations. It also makes good use of lens flare, alpha blending, and transparency to present a truly impressive look, which is somewhat similar to G-Police. You have a variety of typical action game weapons at your disposal, which you can pick up by running over the various pods you see throughout the game's 16 levels. In this respect, the game is a lot like Necrodome, except that you can't run the enemies over.
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Level Demo ~12MB (uploaded by
PS1 Videos
Full Demo ~51MB (by keropi)
ISO Demo 479MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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