Shattered Horizon Futuremark Games Studio 2009

Shattered Horizon is the highly anticipated first game from Futuremark Games Studio that immerses you in the cold reality of combat in space like no other game before.
This multiplayer first-person shooter is played entirely in zero gravity. A catastrophic explosion on the Moon has filled near-Earth space with billions of tons of rocky debris. You and your friends will join intense 32 player battles to control hollowed-out asteroids, huge fragments of Moon rock and the ruined remains of the International Space Station.
With simple and intuitive controls, you have complete freedom of movement in the distinctive zero gravity environments. Not only can you use your rocket pack to fly anywhere but you can also land on any surface to attack your enemies from unexpected angles.
Shattered Horizon challenges you to take your FPS skills to the next level adapting what you have learned on the battlefield to create new tactics in a fully three dimensional battle space. With your rifle at the ready you can handle anything the enemy can throw at you. But if you let go of your gun, chances are you’re already dead.
On Feb.26/2010, Shattered Horizon: Moonrise free DLC came out which includes four new levels effectively doubling the number of levels in the game. On May 5/2010, the Firepower pack added new weapons and grenades encouraging different styles of play and providing the opportunity for new team tactics. In March/2011, a Last Stand pack came out which gives players' AI enemies to play on any of the game's maps and any of its multiplayer gameplay modes. You can also check out the new Last Stand gameplay mode which has four human pals fighting against waves of in-game bots.
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Full Demo 890MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Repack Full Demo v1.3.1.54 + All Packs works on cracked servers and offline 795MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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