Silent Hill 4: The Room Konami 2004

Originally intended to be unrelated to the Silent Hill series, in Silent Hill 4, you take on the role of a man named Henry Townsend, who wakes one day to find himself trapped in his apartment. Gradually, you'll begin to find portals in the room that will enable you to visit an alternate dimension including a hospital, a cult command center deep in the forest, and a prison. You'll eventually be able to piece together why it is you were trapped and what exactly is going on. The game will shift perspective depending on your current location in reality. When inside Henry's apartment, you'll see everything through his eyes in a first-person view, and when you leave through a portal, things will switch to a third-person perspective. The game has a feature that, whenever you look at something of importance, an eyeball will appear to tell you that you can interact with it. The previous games have mostly been about exploring the town and solving puzzles, but Silent Hill 4 has much more combat involved. There are more enemies in a given area, and more narrow areas and cramped spaces. To help you in combat, you've got the standard arsenal of Silent Hill games, such as the steel pipe, pistol, and new to this game, a golf club. One of the most significant changes is the introduction of the "Victim" monsters, the unkillable ghosts of Walter Sullivan's victims. The ghosts have the ability to hurt Henry with a damaging "aura" which can be nullified by the holy candle and saint medallion items. The same items can also exorcise the hauntings in Henry's apartment. Ghosts can also be knocked down for a long time with one of the two silver bullets and pinned permanently with a Sword of Obedience item. Victims can chase the player from area to area.
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Level Demo ~498MB ( @ FileFront)
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DVD ISO Demo 2.33GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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