Skaphander: Der Auftrag / Virus Explosion OP Group Germany / Navigo 1995

This German developed game is a bloodless shooter in the strictest sense: you hunt viruses, bugs and wrongly configured IRQ's in the inside of a computer. The story is based on a short story from the popular Sci-fi writer Phillip K. Dick. It was the first commercially released game created with a rather simple 3D game creator called "3D Game Studio" by Conitec Systems. The programmers obviously didn't want any problem with censorship but maybe that should have implied that the game should've been fun. Now it's just a dull little shooter. An upgraded version was later released in 1997 titled Virus Explosion.
Level Demo 2MB ( @
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German ISO Demo ~63MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Virus Explosion - German ISO Demo 136MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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