Skout Soft Enterprises / BMS Modern Games 1999

The shooter Skout comes from Germany uses its own adequate but tremendously slow graphics engine. Even computers with 2 gigahertz and Geforce 4 can have trouble with the 32bit graphics on high resolutions and using numerous graphics gimmicks. Some of the buildings have attractive exterior architecture but the level spaces are quite boring. One is supported in Skout by a drone whose use is time restricted and not always available, but she is undestroyable (if too strongly damaged it will repair itself). The developers did do some things right with Skout - the graphics are pretty, but on most computers at that time it was barely playable (even with normal settings, without every extra activated). The levels are uninspired and the missions also (a lot of run and shoot only and prisoners free themselves repeatedly). The drone, at first interesting, irritates by amusing but completely inappropriate comments. The hero with a constantly bad mood is also not very appealing. Skout is certainly playable, but does not belong in a compelling 3d shooter collection.
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German Level Demo ~13MB ( @
German ISO Demo 428MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English/German/Polish Full Demo + Music Addon 217+29MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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