Cow Hunter Tuna Technologies, Advanced Cybertech Enterprises / Xicat Interactive 1998

Ya done playin' around with shootin' cute little Bambis and gobblin' turkeys? Are you ready for the real "Heavies of the Pasture"? These Moo-Moos want you. Just when you thought it was safe to go down on the farm, it's "Cows with Dung." See how much fun it is when the Heifers fight back. Intended as a parody of more serious shooters, this is a collection of four 2D mini-games in which bovines are your target of choice. Select between Target Practice, Bovine Skeet Range, Championship Cow Tipping, and Pop-Up Cow Hunt. You can take aim at these grazers with a variety of weapons such as a Cowabunga Rifle, Super Mag Pistol, and a Mooozi Machine Gun. But watch out, or you may find yourself the victim of a surprise dung attack.
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