Soldier Front / Special Force Dragonfly / ijji 2004

Not to be confused with the anti-Israeli first-person shooter from Islamic organization Hezbollah, this popular Korean online FPS features upgradeable characters and weapons for a highly customized play experience. As is the trend with many popular online games, items and upgrades can be purchased via mobile phone. Special Force was launched in Korea in July 2004 and has been the top ranked online game in Korea's Internet cafes in 2006 with close to 12% market share in a recent survey by a leading games research company. It has over 11 million registered users and a professional league with 36 teams and the richest prize money for online gaming in Korea. It is a military First Person Shooter online game where the players can create their own elite military units with customized weapons and equipment selected from those used by special forces from around the world such as the SAS and Delta Force. Special Force will be free to play with players paying for virtual merchandise. Commonly abbreviated as SF, it was originally developed by DragonFly (Korea) under the name Special Force, it gained popularity in Asia, and later spread to North America in 2006 where it's known as Soldier Front.
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