Spear Of Destiny ID Software / FormGen 1992

Sequel to Wolfenstein 3D. After the success of Wolfenstein, new missions where published fast. There are new bosses, including mutants with built-in guns, and textures - nothing more, nothing less. The levels were arranged better, - larger and more complicated, which made the automap really missed, especially when dealing with the lots of secret passages. So it doesn't change much that instead of episodes, the game consists of one campaign of 21 levels. Personally, the game wasn't as much fun as the original.

Also see: #Spear of Destiny Mission 2: Return to Danger, #Spear of Destiny Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge, #Supergames Volume 1

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Full Demo ( @ Arcades 3D)
Full Demo ( @ Juego Viejo)
Video Reviews
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Full Demo ( @ Fajnegry.prv.pl)
The id Anthology 4CD ISO Demo included in CD1 : Catacomb 3D, Hovertank 3D, Spear of Destiny, Wolfenstein 3D plus other old games by id. (upload by Scaryfun)
included in Super CD Pack - ISO Demo 3MB (uploaded by bullthorn)
Browser-Playable Java Shareware Demo 1MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
Floppy Disk Images ISO Demo 1.9MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Total Conversion
id Anthology - 4CD ISO Demo 588MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.6 19.4MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Full Demo included in iD Software: The 90's Collection 653MB (uploaded by yamibito)

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