Depth Hunter / Spearfishing Biart Studio / Lace Mamba Global 2011

This is the first underwater next-gen hunting simulator. This game will be ideal for those, who like action, simulators games and also for underwater hunting professionals and amateurs.
Precise simulation, perfect quality of artwork and original sound effects will make the diving the closest to reality, allowing the complete experience of the exciting atmosphere of underwater hunting.
Player will undergo special training courses, will take part in the amateur and professional class competitions and will be able to get a World-class Master of Sport title, to set his professional team and to provide a private training in such entertaining and complex thing as underwater hunting.
The game is based on biEngine engine, the main feature of which is unique ability to reconstruct an underwater world in realistic quality for PC/consoles.
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Level Demo 320MB (uploaded by Official Site)
ISO Demo 566MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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