Spec Ops 2: US Army Green Berets Zombie / Ripcord Games 1999

Improved graphics (Direct 3d support and less clipping mistakes), new weapons and teams of up to 4 men is a definite advance from the previous game (and genre founder of 3D tactical shooters). Locations are in Germany, the Antarctic, Pakistan, Thailand and North Korea. In North Korea, the Secretary of Defense wants to overrun the country; in the Antarctic, an American military satellite has fallen; and in Germany terrorists have laid hands on Stinger missiles. The levels are diverse and offer some surprises. Three difficulty levels adjust the number of hits that can be absorbed by your force and enemy squads. First- and third-person perspectives are available, as well as viewing through binoculars, night vision, and scopes. Gameplay includes switching from squad member to squad member (up to four) and controlling your squad through commands (e.g., follow me, hold up, move up, hit the dirt, and so forth). Successful completion of missions leads to promotions, medals, and improved abilities. It offers online action over a LAN or the Internet and features deathmatch, team versus team deathmatch or mission, and King of the Hill modes. Multiplayer options include number of players, maximum enemy AI reinforcements and player spawning limits, number of friendly kills allowed before removal from the game, and time limits. Altogether this is much better than the first game but the game engine offers little improvement.

See also: #Spec Ops 2: Operation Bravo

Level Demo ~35MB Multiplayer Demo ~36MB ( @ Download.com)
 1  2 
ISO Demo 296MB (upped by Egon68)
Fan-Made Maps
Spec Ops Platinum ISO Demo 441MB (upped by Egon68) * includes Spec Ops, Spec Ops: Ranger Team Bravo, Spec Ops 2, Spec Ops 2: Operation Bravo
Spec Ops 2 Platinum - Proper Full Demo (original + Platinum level packs) (3DSL Upload) 95MB
Spec Ops 2 + Operation Bravo - merged menus 3MB (uploaded by 3DSL Upload)
Voodoo base - Patch v1.2 + Voodoo Texture Addon 18+5MB (uploaded by File Planet)

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