Cry of War ShanghaiWindy 2018

Feel the excitement of driving the WW1 tanks like MarkIV, FT-17, A7V, etc. This is a tank combat game created mainly by Wang, a university student.The game is powered by Unity3D. Features include: Realistic Hit System, Independent Suspension System. The game is trying to provide you with a enjoyable atmosphere of WW1 tank battles. For example, you can drive MarkIV to fight with A7V. You can aim the enemy and fire it with a real camera effect. After penetrating the enemy, you can review how the ammo destroy the tank modules. Cry of War (2019) is a free DLC that's an RTS and TPS World War tank battle game that includes tanks from World War I to Cold War. The game includes more than 40 tanks. The Panzer War differs from Cry of War in damage system. Panzer War is based on HP. And the required hardware is also lower. And it includes more tanks and game modes: Tank challenge, RTS missions, RTS skirmish. In the tank challenge mode, you will face the most fierce attack from your enemy. In the RTS mode, you will be the commander of an armored force. Your decision in the war will determine the result of it.
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