Europa / Ring of Elysium Epic / Tencent 2018

Early Access Release EUROPA, a mysterious company, kidnapped humans to experiment with a project called 'ELYSIUM', an experiment to test human development through a realistic simulation. Every kidnapped person becomes a 'player' connected to a highly developed and very dangerous Virtual Reality system. If a player dies in the simulation world, the player will die in the real world. All players will be given new memories. With only one surviving condition. The rest must die. The only option is to win this match by fighting against someone else who has been kidnapped as well. As with how most battle royale games go, players alight a helicopter towards the play area. Players can go through houses to loot weapons, ammunition, healing items and more. Little by little, the play area pushes the players towards a safe zone and forces them to engage. The last player, or team, standing wins the game. If you have played PUBG or H1Z1 the game gives you the same feel as you first enter the game. The familiar setting cannot be dismissed. The color scheme is aimed at a realistic view, with a bit on the darker side of the palette. You can gun down doors to break them and force entry, unlike other battle royale games where you need to click it open. Break glass windows by walking through them. Loots seem easier to pick up as the items have a small indicator on top of each which makes them easier to differentiate from their sometimes camouflaging hue. Pick up the items by pressing F. Different weapons are also available. Footsteps and other indicators are audible enough. Compass does not show gunshot and vehicles cues like most battle royale games. When shooting, a successful hit is shown by a quick indicator close to your weapon’s crosshair.
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Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)
Thailand Free Game + English Translation (uploaded by Official Site)
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